Amir Ali Jiwani (Cluey Developer)

Amir Ali Jiwani has been a software developer and architect for more than 4 years now.

He excels in Object-Oriented Programming (OOP) and Architecture.

He has worked on different technology platforms, mobile applications and games and has created popular games with big brands in the industry like Feed Garfield, Gulf Talk and Candy Pot.

It's a passion

Amir enjoys the challenges of learning the complexities of a new platform or language. He has keen interest in data and related technologies.

Recently he has been exploring Big Data and other categorisation technologies that the world is moving forward to.

He is passionate about making his work sustainable, reliable and scalable.

He also has repositories under his name on git-hub and shares a lot of knowledge with the open source community.

Long-term goals

His goal is to become a design (architect) master in the field of computer software.

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