11 must-know direct marketing fundamentals

Here are 11 direct marketing fundamentals to consider when you are planning your next campaign.
  1. All customers are not created equal. The Pareto principle applies here - 80% of repeat business will come from 20% of your customers.
  2. The most important order you will ever get from a customer is the second order. Why? Because a two-time buyer is at least twice as likely to buy again as a one-time buyer.
  3. Maximising direct mail success depends first on the lists you use, second on the offers you make and third on the copy and creative.
  4. Always de-duplicate the list you are working with.
  5. Demographic overlays on lists (such as lifestyle characteristics, income, education, age, marital status and propensity to respond by mail or phone) will always improve response.
  6. Always follow-up a mailed list within 30 days to improve response rates.
  7. Offers with time limits, particularly those that give a specific date, will outperform offers with no time limit practically every time.
  8. Free-gift offers, particularly where the gift appeals to self-interest, will outperform discount offers consistently.
  9. People buy benefits, not products. Sell the benefits.
  10. The longer you can keep someone reading your copy, the better your chances of success.
  11. Self-mailers are cheaper to produce but they never outperform envelope-enclosed letter mailings.

These fundamentals have been proven over time by Direct Marketing practitioners all over the world. Make them part of your direct marketing strategy today.

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