It's all about marketing

Mention marketing to some businesses and you might as well have yelled, 'FORE!'

The concept of marketing often causes feelings of dread and anxiety, usually because of a fear of the unknown and a sense that it takes too much effort to get right.

But when you consider that marketing means communicating to existing and potential customers what your business offers and why it's better than the competition, then the concept isn't so ominous. And marketing doesn't need to cost a fortune. Create a marketing plan that fits your business philosophy and budget.

Here are eight powerful reasons why all successful businesses must market their goods and services.

1. The market changes constantly

New trends, new products and new competitors always pop up. And you need to be right across the changing landscape or you risk losing market share.

2. Customers forget marketing messages quickly

Customers see thousands of marketing messages daily. To be at the top of current and prospective customers' minds, your message must be consistent and frequent.

3. Competition is strong

Today, a lot of other businesses are competing for the same loyal customers you want for your business. If you don't market or stop marketing, then be aware that your competitor down the road might not.

4. Marketing strengthens your brand image

Consistent long-term exposure to your marketing message makes clients familiar with your brand. With familiarity comes confidence, which in turn brings sales.

5. Marketing helps replace lost customers

Businesses face constant customer turnover. To maintain your customer-base or to set the stage for growth, you need to let new customers know who you are and why you're special. If you never market to let them know you exist, they'll never choose your business.

6. Marketing helps retain clients

When old customers don't hear from you or about you, then tend to forget you exist. That is when they decide to buy from the competitor down the road.

7. Marketing gives you an advantage over competitors who don't market

Sending out frequent messages about your business, your brand values and new products tailored to your customers' needs will ensure that you don't disappear off your customers' radar.

8. If you stop marketing, you will lose time, money and energy you have invested in your business

Customer awareness will dwindle away. You can start over, but then you are usually starting from scratch, which is expensive and time-consuming. That is why it is difficult for a competitor to catch a business that markets consistently.

Get in touch with us today if you need assistance developing an effective marketing strategy that fits your philosophy and budget, and keeps you in business for many years to come.

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